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When searching through VW models, you've probably come across a specification called "4MOTION®", but what is it exactly? 4MOTION® is the name VW has given to its specialized all-wheel drive system. While this may sound like any other manufacturer's all-wheel drive, it is anything but! Read on to discover more about this impressive stabilization system.

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What is 4MOTION®?

As previously stated, the 4MOTION® system is the all-wheel drive platform included on some VW models. Both VW cars and VW SUVs can sport this technology, but it is not available on all models.

How 4MOTION® Works?

On a basic level, the 4MOTION® system works just as any other all-wheel drive system works. It sends the engine's power to all four of the vehicle's wheels, aiming to improve acceleration, handling, and overall traction. The 4MOTION® system can automatically detect which wheels need the most power, adjusting power levels to each wheel accordingly.

A blue 2019 Volkswagen Golf on a track

Which VW Models Have 4MOTION®?

Currently, there are five VW models that offer 4MOTION® all-wheel drive: the Atlas, the Golf Alltrack, the Golf R, the Golf SportWagen, and the Tiguan. Head to our inventory to see which of our models offer 4MOTION®.

Is 4MOTION® Worth the Cost?

The answer to this question largely depends on where you will be driving your 4MOTION® equipped vehicle. If most of your driving is in a city or suburban setting, with well-maintained roads and mild weather, the 4MOTION® system will rarely be useful to you. However, if you drive in areas with less-than-desirable roads or places that frequently experience inclement weather, 4MOTION® will likely be a good choice for you.

A tornado red Volkswagen Gold Sportwagen driving through a city street

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