2015 VW Beetle

Following the 2015 emissions recall and settlement, Volkswagen has dedicated enormous resources to rectify the situation both with governing bodies and consumers. VW has recently begun selling some affected models with the necessary modifications to meet EPA standards, but some customers have lingering questions in relation to fuel efficiency, performance, and sticker price.

To help answer any and all questions, our Fox VW specialists have put together a breakdown of all the regulation-meeting modifications and the changes that came along with them. If you're interested in any TDI-based VW models, head over to our TDI inventory, then match your selection with one of our featured specials. If you'd like to speak to a Fox VW representative directly, give us a call at (248) 731-0113.

Fuel Economy

2015 VW Passat

With the new modifications, fuel economy has dropped across the TDI lineup. Efficiency has fallen several miles per gallon on all models, with slight variations between vehicle types.

As an example, The EPA has stated that newly legal Jetta TDI fuel economy is rated at 30 MPG city, 42 MPG highway, and 34 MPG combined with a manual transmission. For the dual-clutch transmission, fuel economy is rated at 29 MPG city, 40 MPG highway, and 33 MPG combined.

Power and Acceleration

Diesel engines produce lots of torque, much more so than gasoline engines, and torque figures remain largely unaffected in post-modification TDI assessments. In a Cars.com test, their VW TDI saw a drop of roughly 2 HP and 8 lb.-ft. of torque, while the zero-to-60 MPH time actually improved by .08 seconds. In a Car and Driver test, no notable performance drop off was seen in either the zero-to-60 MPH or quarter-mile test.

2015 VW Beetle


2015 VW Jetta

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